Infinity ITS Tournament – Dec 15

Our next Infinity Tournament will take place December 15.
Doors open at 11am with a player meeting at 11:45am for a noon start time.

The tournament will be an Infinity Tournament System featuring 2 possible lists of 300 points, no painting requirement.No Special Operative models (unless they are being used as they basic infantry model).
Army lists must be of the same army/sectorial.

Entry fee will be $10 with gift cards as prizes in addition to the Tournament prize pack and Corvus Belli prize support.

Please join our facebook event page.
Thanks for your support!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving next week (we will be closed Thursday)!

Infinity Tournament

Sunday, November 18, 2012 at 11am
Doors open at 10am.
Entrance fee = $20

Battlegrounds Gaming will host our first Infinity Tournament!

I have ordered Tournament Packs from Corvus Belli for prize support and, depending on turnout, will add more to the prize pool!

Here is the Facebook Link to the event.

Infinity Campaign Paradiso book & figure

Infinity Campaign Paradiso

Infinity Campaign Paradiso books are finally here!  After a publication problem caused a slight delay, Battlegrounds Gaming is now selling the book and the exclusive miniature, Gogo Marlene (picture below).  The book is $53.93 and you may purchase the figure for only $5 when you buy the book.  This offer for the figure lasts until Sunday, November 11, 2012.

Gogo Marlene Exclusive Figure