X-Wing Minis Kessel Run

Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars X-Wing Miniature games is a hit!  With new figures coming out in early 2013, Battlegrounds Gaming and FFG are running swiss-style tournament on December 16, 2013 where players have a chance to win one of the new ships: Millennium Falcon, Slave 1, A-Wing, or Tie Interceptor.

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40K Holiday Themed Event

On Sunday, Dismember 23, Battlegrounds Gaming with host a holiday-themed, multi-player event.  Players should bring a tank with a small unit to go inside.  Entrance fee is $5.  Fun begins at 1pm.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Check out the event on our Facebook Page.
Update:  You may use skimmers.  No flyers allowed.  You can use up to 2 tanks as long as you do not exceed 250 points.  No weapons that insta-kill are allowed.