Gathering to Play, Part 1: Your Local Store and Your Playgroup

Over the past decade, Wizards of the Coast has spent an enormous amount of energy in creating, maintaining, and invigorating the FNM program, and it isn’t hard to see just how much of an impact their devotion has made.  The FNM initiative has turned local stores all over the world into hubs of activity every Friday night, creating something uncommon in the increasingly fleeting, transient digital world- a focus on community and the importance of local business. Every time you play in an FNM, you are doing much, much more than simply competing for prizes or playing for fun. You are supporting the card store that you play at with monetary sustenance. You are developing relationships with the group of people that you play with, and you are introducing a social dynamic into that playgroup that would not exist without you.  Why is it important to consider these qualities as a Magic : the Gathering player?

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Innistrad Game Day & League

Innistrad Game Day

will be on October 29, 2011.  It is a standard format, swiss-style tournament that starts at 1pm.  Entrance fee is only $5.  CLICK HERE for more information.  Promo cards will be given out to every participant (while supplies last) and the top 8.

Innistrad Magic League

will begin Saturday, October 15.  Each participant will get a sealed pool of 6 booster packs.  You build a 40-card minimum deck and play as many matches as you want.  Change the deck up anytime you want with other cards from the pool.  (Except for basic lands you may not use cards that were not in the packs you opened.)  Each week, you may add 1 booster pack and change the deck up.  It will run for several weeks and you use the same card pool for the whole league.  League matches can be played at any time at Battlegrounds Gaming.  Prizes will be awarded to the people with the best records at the end of the league.  The cost to enter the league is only $25.

Contact us with any questions.