Pokemon 151 Preorders

Release dates for Pokemon 151 products is September 22 and October 6. Battlegrounds Gaming is now taking preorders for these products. Click the image above to reserve!

Ultra Premium release October 6!

Lorcana Card Game

Battlegrounds Gaming is excited for the release of Disney’s Lorcana card game next week! We’re going to do our best to share this game with as many players as possible.

However, due to limited availability of products and events that happened at GenCon, there will not be much product available for sale. I’ll go over that later, but first, I’ll tell you what events we have planned.

August 18 (6pm) and August 20 (12pm), there will be a sealed tournament capped at 24 player each and lasting 3 rounds. Entry will be $45+tax. Each player will receive a random deck (there are 3 different ones) with which to play. Before the first round, everyone opens their deck and bonus booster pack (included with the deck). Make whatever adjustments you’d like to play a game. Before rounds 2 and 3, each player will get another booster pack to add to their sealed pool. There will be roughly 10 minutes where everyone can change their decks before playing the next game. During Round 3, we will raffle off an extra Starter deck to the remaining players.

There will be a third event exactly like this in September on a date to be announced later.

Registration for these events will be in store and first-come, first served starting August 18 at 5pm.

Products available for purchase will be on a first-come, first served basis. No online ordering in advance. I’ll be saving product for our three tournaments. The remaining product is available for sale: Gift Sets and Illumineer’s Treasure Troves are limited to 1 per customer. You can get one or the other, but not both. Also, a very small quantity of booster boxes will be available for purchase also limit 1 per customer. All starter decks will be used for our play events.

Thanks for understanding. We will see you next week.

We hope to have more product for sale when wave 2 makes its way through distribution.

Commander Masters Draft

Entry = $45

Friday, August 4 at 7pm
Sunday, August 6 at 1pm
Tuesday, August 8 at 7pm

Commander Masters draft is different than regular booster drafts. Please note the changes for this variant:

  • Draft two cards at a time.
  • Build a 60-card deck, with about 25 lands and 35 nonland cards. Your Commander(s) are included in that number!
  • You can play more than one copy of a card.
  • In Commander Masters, treat monocolored (and colorless!) legends like they have partner.

Matches are 1 multi-player game. Winner of the pod gets a FOIL March of the Machine Promo Pack.

One Piece Store Championship

Kit Details (32 players can be supported per kit):

  • Participation:  Sleeves (10 pcs) ×32
  • Store Championship Participation Pack Vol.1 ×32
  • Top 4:  Store Championship Participation Pack Vol.1 ×4
  • Winner: Store Championship WINNER Card ×1

*Finals Invites will NOT be awarded in any region for 2023 Store Championships

  • Singles
  • Constructed
  • Swiss Rounds. No Top Cut is supported for this event.

Best-of-one games with 35 minute matches and 5 minutes of extra time

Cap 32 players

Must register at https://tinyurl.com/bdeuba56 to reserve a spot/