Commander Masters Draft

Entry = $45

Friday, August 4 at 7pm
Sunday, August 6 at 1pm
Tuesday, August 8 at 7pm

Commander Masters draft is different than regular booster drafts. Please note the changes for this variant:

  • Draft two cards at a time.
  • Build a 60-card deck, with about 25 lands and 35 nonland cards. Your Commander(s) are included in that number!
  • You can play more than one copy of a card.
  • In Commander Masters, treat monocolored (and colorless!) legends like they have partner.

Matches are 1 multi-player game. Winner of the pod gets a FOIL March of the Machine Promo Pack.

Magic Pioneer RCQ May 7, 2023

Click image to register


Our PIONEER RCQ is Sunday May 7!
This event offers 1 Regional Invite to the winner.
Good luck all!

Leave early as traffic is always bad on weekends around Norwalk, CT.
If you are running late, message ON DISCORD (link at top of this page) with your name!

Format: PIONEER, Swiss rounds with cut to Top 8
Time: Doors open at 10:30am.
First round starts at 11:30am.

1st Place – $200 cash Travel Stipend
2nd Place – $100 store credit
3rd-4th Place – $50 store credit
5th-8th Place – $35 store credit

Prizes at 32 players:
1st Place – $400 cash Travel Stipend
2nd Place – $200 store credit
3rd-4th Place – $100 store credit
5th-8th Place – $80 store credit

Need any cards? Click the Magic Singles link at the top of the page.

This event is capped at 32 players. Decklists are required.

Magic March of the Machines

Magic March of the Machine prereleases are April 14-18.
Our Friday 730pm prerelease is most popular and sells out regularly. It is wise to register in advance.
We have events at:

  • Friday, April 14 at 3pm.
  • Friday, April 14 at 7:30pm.
  • Saturday, April 15 at 12pm.
  • Saturday, April 15 at 5pm.
  • Sunday, April 16 at 1pm – Two-headed Giant
  • Tuesday April 18 at 7pm.

We are taking preorders and registration for events on our website.

Each person who buys a box will receive the foil Buy-A-Box promo Jolrael, Voice of Zhalfir.

Buy-A-Box promo

Chaos Booster Drafts

April 7 FNM and April 11 will be Magic Chaos Booster Drafts!

Pick 3 packs from our selection of draft boosters (supplemental sets are not eligible.)
Prizes are Phyrexia All Will Be One set booster packs.

Arrive before 7pm to register or sign up online here.