Pokemon & Magic Preorders

Nov 7 UPDATE: Vivid Voltage is temporarily sold out. We are attempting to get more.

Pokémon Vivid Voltage Preorders are live:
Build and Battle Prerelease kits are available Oct31-Nov8 with 3 free booster packs while supplies last.
Booster boxes will be available for early release November 9.
Elite Trainers will be available on official release: November 13.

Magic Commander Legends preorders are also available.
Draft Booster Boxes are available on early release: November 13
Collector Booster Boxes release November 20.
Reserve yours today.
Three new commander decks will also release November 20. Preorders will open when more information on them is available.

Magic Zendikar Rising

Click image to pre-order

Spoiler season is right around the corner and Battlegrounds Gaming is now accepting pre-orders for Zendikar Rising Draft Booster Boxes, Prerelease Kits, Collector Booster Boxes, Set Booster Boxes and Bundles. Here are some key dates to keep in mind:

  • September 18 at 3pm – September 24: Zendikar Rising pre-releases & early release pickup (PR Kits and Draft Booster Boxes only)
  • September 25: Zendikar Rising official release date. Pick up Bundles, Set Boosters, Planeswalker Decks, and Collector Boosters.

Commander Legends releases November 6, 2020. Battlegrounds Gaming will begin accepting pre-orders in early October.

In-store events

In store events are still temporarily suspended.
When they resume, I’ll send and email with guidelines.

Core Set 2021 + Jumpstart preorders

Hey folks!
I’ve been doing my best to think of a way to run Pre-releases next weekend and still stay within the state guidelines regarding distancing, disinfecting, masks, etc. I want to be sure the next event we hold will be fun AND safe!
I look forward to when I’ll can safely resume in-store events. Thank you for continuing to support Battlegrounds Gaming by purchasing from us. We are open for merchandise sales including Magic Single cards sales through our web-site. I am also now buying Magic cards through that same platform (use the Buy Cart to sell to us).

Core Set 2021 boxes, bundles and collector boxes have been available for pre-order as well as Magic Jumpstart boxes. Today, I am adding the pre-release combos which include the kit and 2 prize booster packs. These will be available starting on June 26, 2020. 

Thanks again for understanding. Please stay tuned for further updates.

Preorder here.

Magic Ikoria & Commander 2020 release May 15

This is the last week to pre-order Ikoria and Commander 2020. Prices go up on May 15.
Click on the pictures below to reserve yours today!

There will be no pre-release events for Ikoria. I’m still trying to determine a safe way to run events at the store again. Stay tuned for updates.

I will have extended hours on May 15 and May 16 so you can pick up your product.

Preorder boxes, bundles, prerelease kits and more!
Commander 2020 decks and set of all 5 are available.

Theros Beyond Death Prerelease

The next set of Magic the Gathering is right around the corner! Prereleases take place January 17-19, 2020. We are now running 5(!) events over the weekend starting Friday at 3pm! Here’s our schedule:

Friday 3pm
Friday 9pm
Saturday Noon
Saturday 6pm
Sunday 2HG at 1pm

Prizes are distributed based on your match record and will be in Theros Beyond Death booster packs:

4-0: 8 booster packs
3-0-1: 6 packs
3-1: 4 packs
2 wins: 1 pack

Entry fee = $30.00 (includes sales tax)


A DCI number is required in order to register.

If you have played a Magic the Gathering event at Battlegrounds Gaming previously but do not know the number, you may type “on file” in the DCI# field.

If you do NOT have a DCI number, you may sign up for one (it’s free!) at https://accounts.wizards.com/