4th Anniversary Tournament July 25

July 2015 marks our 4th year anniversary! We will hold our annual multi-format tournament on July 25 at noon to celebrate!  $35 $30 to enter!

4th Annual Multi-Format, Mini-Worlds-Type, Anniversary Tournament!
   3 rounds of Origins sealed
   3 rounds of Standard
   Top 8 with booster draft Modern Masters 2015!
1 random participant will win a From The Vault Angels when it is released in August!
  First place:  Box of Origins or $100 credit
  2nd place: 1/2 a box or $50 credit
3rd & 4th:  9 boosters each or $25 credit each
  5th-8th:  3 boosters each
Anyone who has the same record as 8th place, but did not make the top 8 will also get 3 boosters!
Thanks for all your support!

Origins Release Draft FNM

Friday, July 17 marks the release of the newest Magic the Gathering set: Origins! We will hold a booster draft for FNM at 7pm.  Please sign up early with $15 to reserve a spot.  Don’t be left out.  Space is limited.

Age of Sigmar

Hi Folks!

Games Workshop’s new game Age of Sigmar releases soon (July 11, 2015). The new base game comes with new models from 2 new factions.

Place your orders with me by Sunday, July 5th in order to guarantee yourself a copy and save $25!  Preorder price = $100!