Update: DM pre-release and release

May 1 update:

The pre-release events for Magic: Dragon’s Maze are April 27, 2013.  We currently have the following spots open:

  • Midnight:  Completed!  Thanks for everyone who showed up!
  • Noon:  Completed!
  • 7pm: Completed!
  • 2HG Sunday: Completed!

We are now taking sign-ups for the booster draft on May 3.  Only 32 spots are available.

Magic News and Events

Hello Magic Players!

I recently received news from the Norwalk Fire Marshall that the maximum capacity for our store is 35 people (including staff.)  From now on, our events will be capped at 32.  This doesn’t effect our regular weekly events such as FNM and standard tournaments.  This will, however, change how we run our pre-release tournaments and the release day drafts (see below). Continue reading