Avacyn Restored Pre-Release Helvault Events

As of April 26, there are 14 spots left for Midnight Pre-Release and 18 spots left for Noon!

Avacyn Restored Pre-release tournaments will take place on Saturday, April 28th.  We will run one “flight” at midnight and another at noon.  Both events will involve the opening of the Helvault!  The entrance fee is $30.00.

Space for these tournaments is limited and pre-registration is strongly advised.  We are taking sign ups now until each “flight” is filled.

New Citadel Paints!

Games Workshop has introduced a new paint system with 145 different colors!  They fall into one of several types:  Base, Layer, Dry, Shade, Texture & Glaze.  All are now available and in stock!  Each still carries a SRP of only $3.70 per pot.

We do still have some paints from the former system.  Those are on clearance for only $2.25 each while supplies last!