Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn

It finally arrived.
Small amount of product is available for sale.

Everything is limit 1 per customer. Click image below for link to our website.

Note: If you have an issue checking out, do not use auto-fill for credit card info. Handtype it.
We’re aware and working on it.
Also – make sure there are no extra spaces in the zip code.

Lorcana Boosters back in stock

A small supply LORCANA 1st Chapter boosters arrived! Limit 6 packs per customer per day.

I’m holding product back for our Sunday Tournaments starting November 19 – each player gets 2 boosters at the end.

If our event attendance increases, then I can get more product in future allocations

Weekly Disney Lorcana Tournaments

Starting Nov 19, we’ll start a weekly Lorcana tournament.

Sundays at 2pm.

$15 entry (comes with 1 First Chapter booster pack).

3 rounds with store credit prizes for 3-0 and 2-1.

No proxy/fake/counterfeit cards allowed.