One-Piece TCG

Update (October 1, 2022):

At 4pm October 1, 2022 registration will open for a few remaining spots in our One Piece TCG Super Prerelease events taking place Sunday, October 2. Bandai announced Friday that we may accept new players. However, they did not provide extra product or promo items. Therefore we have made the following adjustments:

  • Each player may buy 1 extra deck after the event.
  • Promo items are available to only players who have already paid for entry. Players signing up today (Saturday) will not receive any promo items.
  • The event will run 3 rounds. Each round is a best-of-3-games match. The two 3-0 players at the end of 3 rounds will play a playoff match to determine who gets the foil Monkey D. Luffy card.
  • The first 8 players who have already registered get first pick of the deck they want to play. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the event starts so we may start on time.

Register at:


UPDATE (Sep 14, 3:20pm):
Registration for our October 2 One Piece TCG Super Prerelease opens Thursday at 5pm.
Two events are each capped at 8 players.
Players may enter only 1 event.
Registration will be on our website:

SUPER PRE RELEASE is scheduled for October 2, 2022.

We are running two events. Bandai is providing product for 8 players per event.

Registration will open later this week.

Modern RCQ Sept 11 Sold Out

Hello Folks!
Our Modern RCQ is Sunday Sept 11!
Good luck all!
Doors open at 11am (or slightly before) for an 1130am start!
Leave early as traffic is always bad on weekends around Norwalk, CT.
If you are running late, message here (ON DISCORD, link at top) with your name! We’ve got a wait list and we will give away your spot if we don’t know you are on the way.
Emails were sent out with Eventlink codes. Make sure to sign in.
Eventlink will allow late entries, but it does assign R1 losses if we start the event without you.
IF you are in the program, we can start without you and maybe you get only a game loss instead of a match loss.

We are located behind A Cat’s Place Animal Hospital. They’re closed Sundays so the entire parking lot is available.
See you tomorrow!

Our Magic the Gathering Modern RCQ on Sunday, September 11 has filled up.
We hit the cap of 32 players with 1 week to go. Thanks to all who signed up!

If you need any single cards to fill out your deck/sideboard, visit the Magic Singles link at the top of this page.

Here is some information:

Format: Modern, Swiss rounds with cut to Top 8
Time: Doors open at 11am.
First round starts at 11:30am.

1st Place – $200 cash Travel Stipend
2nd Place – $100 store credit
3rd-4th Place – $50 store credit
5th-8th Place – $35 store credit

Prizes at 32 players:
1st Place – $400 cash Travel Stipend
2nd Place – $200 store credit
3rd-4th Place – $100 store credit
5th-8th Place – $80 store credit

This event is capped at 32 players. Decklists are required.

Promos available:
Lava Spike: Nonfoil for all 32 participants.
Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx: Nonfoil for top finishers. Foil for the winner.

Cancellation policy:
Full refund if cancelled by 11:59pm, September 9.
Cancellations after September 9 and before 11am September 11 will be store credit.
No refunds for no-shows.