Digimon Great Legend

Digimon Great Legend boxes release June 11, 2021. We were severely allocated on our initial order and will have to limit purchases to 1 booster box per customer.

The new decks (Giga Green, Machine Black, Venomous Violtet) are more readily available, but also in short supply – They will be limited to 2 each per customer.

I hope to acquire more product and lift these restrictions.Pre orders are open and can be done online.

Digimon Great Legends UDPATE

It is still not clear to me how much I will be getting.
I’ll put up preorders when I get this information from my suppliers.
Expect box prices to be in the $120-$130 range. (The price will come down if I’m able to get more)
EXPECTED release date is June 11.

Thanks for your patience.