10th Anniversary Tournament

I really missed doing this last year because of the dumbest pandemic of my lifetime.
Let’s start a new streak, shall we?
Come help Battlegrounds Gaming celebrate Saturday, July 24th, 2021!

Entrance fee is $35.
Doors open at 10am.

Format:  Adventures in the Forgotten Realm Sealed (6 booster packs) and Modern Deck building for sealed starts at 10:30am. We will be alternating between sealed and MODERN decks during the tournament:

Round 1: AFR Sealed
Round 2: Modern
Round 3: AFR Sealed
Round 4: Modern
Round 5: AFR Sealed
Round 6: Modern

Top 8 get to draft Modern Horizons 2.

Prizes in store credit:
1st Place: $100 store credit
2nd: $50
3rd: $25
4th: $25
5th-8th: $10

Registration code for Magic Companion app: 7JNR6M