Return to Ravnica pre-release tournaments

The release of the newest set of Magic the Gathering is right around the corner.  The release date is Friday, October 5th.  Battlegrounds Gaming will hold 2 pre-release events on Saturday, September 29 – one at midnight (Friday into Saturday) and one at noon.  The entrance fee is $30.

Pre-registration is a good idea to reserve your spot because space and product is limited.  Please provide your 1st two options for which guild you would like to represent at the event when you sign up.  Check this out if you can’t decide.

Click on the Return to Ravnica image above to get more information.

Win-A-From The Vaults Realms

This month’s Win-A-Box Magic Standard tournament will feature a special prize for 1st place.  Instead of a booster box, 1st place will receive a From The Vaults: Realms set!  This special limited edition set features 15 foil land cards such as Maze of Ith, Dryad Arbor, Glacial Chasm, Grave of the Burnwillows and more!

Doors open at noon Saturday, September 15 and the tournament starts at 1pm.  Entrance fee is only $10.