Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a quick note to wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!  Annual Turkey Day is only a week away!  Battlegrounds Gaming will be closed on Thursday, November 24th.

Don’t worry though, we will still be open Wednesday night for board game night and opening Friday at 11am.  And there will still be Friday Night Magic at 7pm (a booster draft).

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October dressed up as December for Halloween: a PTQ Report

This article hinges upon the blatant misuse and overuse of parentheticals.

The New York PTQ at St. Anthony’s of Padua in NYC was slated for Oct.29, and Battlegrounds Gaming had a large contingent of players planning to show up (at least initially). Due to the other members of said contingent having jobs and engaging personal lives, the actual group boiled down to me, William Roberts, and Geoff Bassore braving the trains and taxis of NYC in a meager trio. (quick aside- Geoff has a job and an engaging personal life, and was just there to try out a PTQ). Continue reading