Khans of Tarkir Releases 9/26

UPDATE: FNM for 9/26/14 is sold out.

The newest set of Magic the Gathering comes out Friday, September 26, 2014!  This new exciting set brings about significant changes in the Standard format of Magic tournaments.  First, it is a whole new set of a cards!  Second, it forces out the Return to Ravnica block (as well as Magic 2014 cards) out of standard!  New sets allowed will be Theros, Born of the Gods, Journey Into Nyx, Magic 2015, and Khans of Tarkir.

Our first chance to draft Khans will be Friday night during FNM at 7pm. We have a limited number of space available so it is highly recommended that you sign up early to reserve a spot.  The entrance fee of $15 is due when you register.

The first standard tournament with the new format at Battlegrounds Gaming will be Saturday, September 27 at 1pm.  This is our monthly Win-A-Box event and costs $10 to enter.  There will be up to 5 swiss rounds with a cut to the top 8.  First place will receive a box of Khans of Tarkir.  Second place gets 1/2 box. Third and fourth place each get 1/4 box.  No early registration is required for Saturday’s event.


Khans of Tarik pre-releases

Updated 09/21/2014 at 12:00pm.

We have a limited number of spots available for each of our pre-release events.  Please sign up early to reserve a spot.

  • Midnight (September 19 into 20): Started
  • Noon, September 20: SOLD OUT
  • 6 pm, September 20: SOLD OUT
  • 2-Headed Giant, September 21 1:00pm: SOLD OUT

Entrance fee is $30.  Each tournament will be 4 rounds.

D&D Adventurer’s League

Dungeon and Dragons Encounters is now called Adventurer’s League and meets every Thursday at 7pm. This new campaign 5th edition rules set.

At Battlegrounds Gaming, there is a $3 fee in order to play a session.  Players who attend 5 sessions will get a $10 store credit.  In addition, if you purchase a 5th Edition Player’s Handbook or pre-order a 5th Edition Monster Manual, you will get 2 month’s of sessions free.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.
Happy adventuring!

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