NEW D&D Core Rulebooks are coming!

Calling all adventurers and storytellers! Discover the ultimate companions for your Dungeons & Dragons journey at Battlegrounds Gaming! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting your quest, these essential books will unlock a world of imagination and excitement.

  • Player’s Handbook: Craft your hero with detailed character creation rules, spells, and abilities. From brave fighters to cunning wizards, build the character of your dreams!
    Official release date: 9/17/24. Early release for LGS: 09/03/24 – Two weeks early!
  • Dungeon Master’s Guide: Take the reins as the master of ceremonies! Create thrilling adventures, weave intricate plots, and challenge your friends with devious traps and monstrous foes.
    Official release date: 11/12/24. Early release for LGS: 10/29/24 – Two weeks early!
  • Monster Manual: Populate your world with creatures both fearsome and fantastical! Learn their strengths, weaknesses, and lore to keep your players on their toes.
    Official release date: 2/18/28. Early release for LGS: 02/04/25 – Two weeks early!

Gear up and embark on epic quests with the essential Dungeons & Dragons books. Visit Battlegrounds Gaming today and bring your imagination to life!

The 3 core books will have variant covers exclusive to independently owned hobby/game stores. We’ll start taking preorders for both standard and variant covers later in July 2024. Follow our social media to be notified: Facebook, X/Twitter, Discord (invite) and Instagram.