Magic News and Events

Hello Magic Players!

I recently received news from the Norwalk Fire Marshall that the maximum capacity for our store is 35 people (including staff.)  From now on, our events will be capped at 32.  This doesn’t effect our regular weekly events such as FNM and standard tournaments.  This will, however, change how we run our pre-release tournaments and the release day drafts (see below).

The Dragon’s Maze pre-release sealed booster tournaments will be on Saturday, April 27.  Entrance fee is $30 per person.
On April 12, 2013 we will begin taking registrations for any of our scheduled events for the weekend.
Because our capacity has been reduced, we will now run an additional event Saturday evening at 7:00pm. It is strongly recommended that you sign up early to reserve yourself a spot.

Here is a list of our the events so you can plan accordingly:

  • Midnight sealed booster (between the Friday and Saturday).
  • Noon sealed booster (April 27).
  • 7pm sealed booster (April 27).
  • Sun 1pm – Sealed 2-headed giant (April 28)

Similar to the Return to Ravnica and Gatecrash pre-release tournaments, you will choose from 1 of the 10 guilds to ‘sponsor.’  Your guild package will contain FOUR packs of Dragon’s Maze, 1guild-specific booster which you choose, and 1 guild-specific booster from an aligned guild (random) from the other set.  For example, if you pick Azorious (from RtR), the aligned guild will be 1 of the following (from Gatecrash):  Dimir or Simic or Boros or Orzhov.  Sorry, you do NOT get to pick your aligned guild.

May 3, 2013 is the release day for Dragon’s Maze!  We will draft it for FNM using 1 booster pack from each set (Dragon’s Maze, Gatecrash, Return to Ravnica).  Entrance fee is $15 and we will also limit the number of players to 32.  We will start taking registration for this on April 19, 2013.

Dragon’s Maze booster boxes
We are now pre-selling Dragon’s Maze booster boxes for $100 +tax.  This offer will last until May1st.  Regular price will be $110 +tax.

MODERN MASTERS (nothing new on this yet. I will start pre-selling boxes in May.)
There isn’t much news on this exciting set that was announced in October 2012.
The release date is June 7, 2013.  Suggested retail price is $6.99 per pack.  24 booster packs per box.

No pre-release events are offered for this set.  We will likely draft it when it is released.
Also note that the release of this set occurs the same weekend as the Magic Grand Prix in Providence, RI (format = team sealed).
I’ll be sure to keep you informed.

Saturday, April 20. 1pm – Win-A-Box.  $10
Standard tournament where we will run 4 rounds of swiss followed by Top 8.  First place wins a booster box of Gatecrash.  Prizes and promos will be given out to 2nd-8th place.

And don’t forget our regular events:
Tuesday booster drafts at 7:30pm.
Friday Night Magic – booster drafts at 7pm.
Saturday Standard at 1pm.
Win-A-Box standard tournaments every 3rd Saturday of the month!