4th Anniversary Tournament July 25

July 2015 marks our 4th year anniversary! We will hold our annual multi-format tournament on July 25 at noon to celebrate!  $35 $30 to enter!

4th Annual Multi-Format, Mini-Worlds-Type, Anniversary Tournament!
   3 rounds of Origins sealed
   3 rounds of Standard
   Top 8 with booster draft Modern Masters 2015!
1 random participant will win a From The Vault Angels when it is released in August!
  First place:  Box of Origins or $100 credit
  2nd place: 1/2 a box or $50 credit
3rd & 4th:  9 boosters each or $25 credit each
  5th-8th:  3 boosters each
Anyone who has the same record as 8th place, but did not make the top 8 will also get 3 boosters!
Thanks for all your support!