X-Wing Minis Kessel Run

Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars X-Wing Miniature games is a hit!  With new figures coming out in early 2013, Battlegrounds Gaming and FFG are running swiss-style tournament on December 16, 2013 where players have a chance to win one of the new ships: Millennium Falcon, Slave 1, A-Wing, or Tie Interceptor.

Check out the KESSEL RUN event announcement for more information!

Standard rules described in the X-Wing Tournament Rules document (pdf, 4.0 MB) will be followed for the tournament.  Players will build their fleet up to 100 points and pair off against other players.  We will run at least 3 rounds and the top 2 players after round 3 get to play against each other with the new ships!

Prizes will be as follows:
1st place:  Gets their pick of the new figures!
2nd place:  Gets their pick of the remaining new ships!
3rd & 4th:  Also pick from the remaining new models!

Entrance fee is $10.

Doors open at 11am.  Tournament starts at noon.