Magic Modern Horizons 2 In-store Prereleases!

Friday, June 11 7pm – FILLED
Saturday, June 12 Noon- FILLED
Saturday, June 12 5pm – open (7 spots left as of June 11, 7pm)
Sunday, June 13 1pm- open (2 spots left as of June 11, 7pm)


Each event is capped at 20 players. To give everyone a chance at playing, each player may participate in only 1 of the events.

Early registration is required. You may do it online (click the button below) or in store before June 11. No walk-up entry.

Entrance fee is $50. Since Wizards of the Coast is not providing any extra Modern Horizons 2 prize support, we will be unable to provide Modern Horizons 2 packs for prizes (unless we charged $70!) Instead, for this set only, each player will receive a Strixhaven Promo pack. In addition, players who win 2 matches get a Kaldheim Promo pack. Each player who wins 3 matches will receive a Strixhave Premium Promo Pack (all foil cards).

Since facemasks are required, players will be unable to consume any food or beverages in the store. Outside the store will be fine. A garbage can will be provided.

Format: Sealed with 3 rounds.
Deck construction: 45 minutes
Each round: 50 minutes