Theros Beyond Death Prerelease

The next set of Magic the Gathering is right around the corner! Prereleases take place January 17-19, 2020. We are now running 5(!) events over the weekend starting Friday at 3pm! Here’s our schedule:

Friday 3pm
Friday 9pm
Saturday Noon
Saturday 6pm
Sunday 2HG at 1pm

Prizes are distributed based on your match record and will be in Theros Beyond Death booster packs:

4-0: 8 booster packs
3-0-1: 6 packs
3-1: 4 packs
2 wins: 1 pack

Entry fee = $30.00 (includes sales tax)


A DCI number is required in order to register.

If you have played a Magic the Gathering event at Battlegrounds Gaming previously but do not know the number, you may type “on file” in the DCI# field.

If you do NOT have a DCI number, you may sign up for one (it’s free!) at