Pokemon League Cup

Jan 8, 2020 update: (SOLD OUT)

Pokemon League Cup 2020 Season 2

January 11, 2020.
Registration 11am-noon
Round 1 starts 12:15pm.


All participants will need to bring their Pokemon Organized Play (PoP) ID, a sleeved 60-card standard deck, a Pokemon coin or clear 6-sided die, and damage counters.

In addition, a deck list is required for this event – you can find the blank list on the Pokemon website. We will also have blank lists available at the event – please arrive early if you plan to fill out a deck list the day of the event.

When you present your deck at registration, please have the cards in the same order as they appear on your deck list.

This event is capped at 32 players.



1st Place in each division will receive a League Cup Champion Play mat.
In addition to championship points, play mats, and promos, we will also provide the following prize support:

Each division (combined divisions count as 1 for prizes)
1st: $90 store credit
2nd: $50 store credit
3rd: $30 store credit
4th: $30 store credit
5th-8th: $10 credit each