May Magic events

Hello Magic Players!

May 3, 2013 is the release day for Dragon’s Maze! We will draft it for FNM using 1 booster pack from each set (Dragon’s Maze, Gatecrash, Return to Ravnica).  We will also limit the number of players to 32. Registration is now open for this event. As of May 2, there are still 18 spots left. This will fill up quickly as May 3 approaches.

Starting May 16, 2013 through June 20, 2013 Each participant gets 6 boosters: 2 boosters each from Dragon’s Maze, Gatecrash and Return to Ravnica.  Each week after the first, players may add 1 booster pack to their pool (Week 2: add DGM, week 3: add GTC, week 4: add RTR, week 5: add DGM). Your first 4 matches each week count towards your record with additional match wins adding to your tie-breaker total. Runs for 5 weeks. Can’t get all matches in a week? You can make them up the following week. First place will win a box of Modern Masters!  Remaining prizes will be determined on number of participants.

Modern Tournament, Monday, May 13, 7:30pm ($10):
Modern format tournament where we will run 4 rounds of swiss.  Prizes will be given out as store credit based on number of participants.

WIN-A-BOX, Saturday, May 18, 1pm ($10):
Standard tournament where we will run 4 rounds of swiss followed by Top 8.
Prize payout:

  •     1st place gets a booster box of Dragon’s Maze
  •     2nd place: 1/2 a booster box
  •     3rd & 4th:  9 booster packs
  •     5th-8th:  2 booster packs

Dragon’s Maze Game Day, Saturday, May 25, 1pm ($5):
Standard tournament where we will run 4 rounds of swiss.
Game Days are great because each participant gets a full-art Trostani’s Summoner promo card (while supplies last) and the top 8 players receive a FOIL Melek, Izzet Paragon full-art promo card.

We are getting a very limited amount of this set. Orders will be limited to 1 per customer and I will not be accepting orders over the phone. Orders will only be accepted in store. No reservations without payment in full.
The price will be $185 +tax per box and is subject to change. I’ll do my best to keep it at this price.
The release date is June 7, 2013.
There is no pre-release event for this set.
Also note that the release of this set occurs the same weekend as the Magic Grand Prix in Providence, RI (format = team sealed).

And don’t forget our regular events:
Tuesday booster drafts at 7:30pm.
Friday Night Magic – booster drafts at 7pm.
Saturday Standard at 1pm.
Win-A-Box standard tournaments every 3rd Saturday of the month!