Upcomming Magic Tournaments

This is to let you know what events we have coming up for Magic the Gathering.  There’s going to be a lot of fun tournaments.

Saturday, June 23, 5pm
After our regular weekly Standard tournament, we’re going to hold a booster draft using Mirrodin-Mirrodin-Darksteel.  Entrance fee will be $25.  Prizes will be in booster packs of a recent set.

Saturday, July 7
Magic 2013 pre-release!  We’ll run two events: midnight and noon!  Entrance fee is $30.
Pre-release promo cards for everyone who participates.

Saturday, July 14 – We are celebrating our 1st Anniversary with our First Annual mini-Worlds type tournament!
It will start with 3 rounds of Magic 2013 sealed.
The next 3 rounds will be with Standard decks.
The top 8 from will draft Magic 2013 to determine the winner.
Entrance fee is $25.  Starts at noon!

EDH Summer League
This will begin Thursday, June 28 and will run for 5 weeks.  Only $20 to enter and all fees collected will go towards the prize pool.

Magic 2013 Sealed League
Starts Thursday, July 19 and will run for 5 weeks.  $25 to start and you may buy 1 pack per week to add to your pool.  Prizes will be paid to top 6.

And don’t forget our regular events:
Friday Night Magic – booster drafts at 7pm
Saturday Standard at 1pm.
Win-A-Box standard tournaments every 3rd Saturday of the month!