Warhammer 40k – 6th Edition

The new rules for Warhammer 40k are coming on June 30, 2012.  This is the 6th edition of the rulebook and will be a 440-page hardback book for $74.25.

There will also be a “Gamers Edition” which includes a special dice set and leather satchel for $132.00. The satchel is big enough to carry the rule book and other codex or magazines.  Three external pouches are convenient for other supplies such as dice and templates.

A limited edition collector’s edition is also available.  Strictly limited to only 4,000 copies, this comes in a fantastic leatherette slipcase.  The reliquary itself is printed on high-quality parchment and an alternate art cover.

Other new releases from Games Workshop:  Munitorum Templates, Munitorum Tape Measure, Munitorum Dice, Battlefield Objectives, Vehicle Markers, Psychic Power Cards and Tanglewire.  All these are available for order through Battlegrounds Gaming.  Please note the Collector’s Edition and Gamer’s Bundle for the 6th Edtion Rulebook are limited and will sell out quickly.

Reserve your copies today.

Lots of information is in the July 2012 issue of White Dwarf (available Friday, June 22).