Magic 2020

The newest core set releases July 2019! Starting with this set, pre-releases may now be run starting Fridays at 3pm and we’ll be doing just that!

Battlegrounds Gaming M20 prerelease events:

  • Friday at 3pm
  • Friday at 9pm
  • Saturday at Noon
  • Saturday at 6pm
  • Sunday 2HG at 1pm

Each event costs $30 to enter and consists of 4 rounds.
Prizes will be booster packs of Magic 2020
4-0: 8 packs
3-0-1: 6 packs
3-1: 4 packs
2 wins gets 1 pack

Register here.

Booster Box Preorder

Click on the image above to pre-order your Magic Core Set 2020!