Changes to our FNM

Attention Magic Players!

With the release of Battle for Zendikar, we are making a significant change to our Friday Night Magic events. The format is still booster draft!  It will now run 3 rounds with the following as prizes: 3-0 gets 6 boosters packs (or $18 store credit), 2-0-1 gets 4 packs (or $12 credit), and 2-1 gets 2 packs (or $6 credit).

We will be running a 2nd booster draft after the first FNM ends (roughly 10:30pm)

Why the change from 4-rounds to 3-rounds? Two important factors:

  1. FNM is run in draft pods where each player faces only other players at their draft table in the first 3 rounds. You are playing against decks made up cards you have seen while drafting.  Eliminating the 4th round where we pair you against anyone with a similar record removes and element of facing an unknown bomb or trick that was not expected.
  2. Often contestants who have achieved a 3-0 record would draw in the 4th round. Many other people with 1-win or less will have dropped. This results in less than half of the original number of players actually competing in the 4th round.

The second FNM draft will start after 10:30pm and will also be 3 rounds. With a new set releasing October 2, I’d like to be able to accommodate as many players as possible. One more FNM event will help.  And, c’mon…  who doesn’t want to play more Magic?