Modern Masters + DGM Combo

We are sold out of our pre-sale allocation of Modern Masters.  Please check back for information on a Modern Masters Booster Draft!

Thanks to each of you who have already pre-ordered Modern Masters booster boxes.  I really appreciate the support and I’m glad I can supply this highly sought-after product to the local gaming community!

I have a small quantity of boxes still available that I am offering as part of a combo-deal:  you may purchase 1 booster box of Modern Masters and 1 booster box of Dragon’s Maze for only $265 + tax.

Single boxes of Modern Masters also are still available for $220 + tax.

But wait!  There’s more!
I am also increasing the limit of Modern Masters boxes each customer may reserve to 2!  Anyone who has already reserved a box may now purchase a second one from either offer above.

Quantities are limited and these deals are only good while supplies last.


Modern Masters is also the first place prize in our Dragon’s Maze Sealed Booster League! We are still in the 1st week of play which will last 5 weeks!  For $25, you will receive 2 boosters each of Return to Ravnica, Gatecrash, and Dragon’s Maze.  After registering your pool, build a 40-card minimum deck and play in best-of-three-games matches.  Any of your four matches per week can be played at any time at the store.  Matches beyond the first 4 are considered tie-breakers where wins earn you 1 tie-breaker point.  There is no penalty for losing a tie-breaker match.

After each week (on Thursdays), you may purchase a booster pack to add to your pool.  You will be adding packs from Dragon’s Maze in week 2, Gatecrash in week 3, Return to Ravnica in Week 4, and Dragon’s Maze again in week 5.

The person in 1st place at the end of the 5 weeks wins a box of Modern Masters!  Second place will get a Dragon’s Maze booster box.  Further prizes will be determined by the number of participants!