February Magic Events

Hello Magic Players!

It’s time to let you know what we have going on with Magic in February.

Thursday, Feb 14 – Gatecrash Sealed League begins!  $25
Each participant gets 6 boosters of Gatecrash from which to build a 40-card minimum deck.  Each week after the first, players may add 1 booster pack to their pool.  Your first 4 matches each week count towards your record with additional match wins adding to your tie-breaker total.  Runs for 5 weeks.  Can’t get all matches in a week?  You can make them up the following week.

Saturday, Feb 16, 1pm – Win-A-Box.  $10
Standard tournament where we will run 4 rounds of swiss followed by Top 8.  First place wins a booster box of Return to Ravnica.  Prizes and promos will be given out to 2nd-8th place.

Saturday, Feb 23, 1pm – Gatecrash Game Day.  $5

4 rounds of Swiss for a standard tournament.
Promo cards!  Promo Cards!  Promo Cards!
Zameck Guildmage for each participant (while supplies last).Inline image 1

Firemane Avenger for top 8!
Inline image 2
And don’t forget our regular events:
Tuesday booster drafts at 7:30pm.
Friday Night Magic – booster drafts at 7pm.
Saturday Standard at 1pm.
Win-A-Box standard tournaments every 3rd Saturday of the month!