Roughly half of Gatecrash has been spoiled and now is the time to plan for the pre-release tournament and the release!

We are currently taking pre-orders for booster boxes of Gatecrash for $105.

Pre-release events:  January 26-27.  $30 per person.

For the Gatecrash Prerelease, you’ll choose from five Guild Prerelease Packs. The options (while supplies last) are Orzhov, Dimir, Gruul, Boros, and Simic. Each Guild Prerelease Pack contains five Gatecrash booster packs, a guild-specific booster pack, a special alternate-art prerelease card unique to each guild, an achievement card, a Spindown life counter, a guild symbol sticker, and a letter from the guild’s leader.

Note: For this event, players may use the promo card included with the Guild Prerelease Pack in their tournament deck.

First event is January 26 at 12:01am (after Friday night).
Second event is January 26 at noon.
Third event is January 27:  Two-Headed Giant Sealed!  $30 per player. 1pm

The release date for Gatecrash is February 1st! 
Friday Night Magic (FNM) will be booster draft with 3 packs of the new expansion!  7pm sharp!

Gatecrash Game Day: February 23-24, 2013
1pm:  Standard tournament $5.