recap: 40k Halloween Melee


On October 28, 40,001 a group of survivors stuck in the city of Battlegroundus had to make their way through a horde of zombies to reach Valkyrie Drop Ship that may or may not have been at the end of the city. These noble champions had to move half way through the city to reach a radio post where they were able to get a communication device to call the Valkyrie. Unfortunately for them, the radio did not have any batteries. From there the survivors had to make their way to a communications bunker where they were actually able to call the Valkyrie. From there the champions marched on over to the landing bay were they shot their flares to call down the Valkyrie. But there was a catch. Only one man, elder, ork, or what have you was able to enter the Valkyrie. This is the story of the friendship made by these survivors and how it slowly deteriorated.

The group immediately broke up into three groups. Each group took on a separate flank in the city. A space marine and a space wolf traveled down the left most flank, fighting off zombies and picking up candy- loot. The space marine was able to find a mine and flamethrower on his way. The second group traveled down the center of the city where they fought through small pockets of zombies in order to reach the radio. This group was composed of a Black Templar and a Space Wolf. The Black Templar later diverged from the center of the city to the right flank of the city where he assisted the final group. The final group, composed of an Eldar, Ork, Black Fist Space Marine, and the Black Templar, pushed on the right flank, where they took on and defeated an encampment of rebel Ork survivors. While the Black Templar and the Ork were overrun by zombies and the Ork survivors, the Black Fist Space Marine was able to make his way to the top of a building where he picked up a heavy bolter and proceeded to gunning down the zombies that were chasing his friends. During this time, a Tau Firewarrior and Ultramarine entered the city completely befuddled. The Tau Firewarrior rushed to assist his xenos partners in the right part of the city, while the Ultramarine walked around picking up items to help himself.

After clearing up the ork encampment, the Black Fist, Eldar, and Tau slowly trudged along the right half of the city and moving closer to their final objective. The Ork and the Black Templar continued to run down the center of the city after fleeing from the horde that was chasing them. However, the horde finally caught up to them. The Ork was brought down to the ground and had the lower part of his part ripped off. While he tried to crawl away in pain the infection of the zombie spread through his body. The Blank Templar, who was able to fight of his share of zombie, picked the ork up onto his back only to be surprised later when the ork became a zombie and attacked him. The rest of the space marines put the ork out of his misery. The Space Marine group cleared out and activated the communication bunker and called in for a Valkyrie.  The Ultramarine that entered the battle later, decided to abandon his space marine brothers and run immediately for the landing pad. The Space Marine trooper soldier, known as Edward, was not planning to let some Ultramarine escape this city. He ran at the Ultramarine in attempt to kill him. The Ultramarine refused to fight back and continued to run towards the landing pad. The xenos group and the one Black Fist Marine began firing warning shots at the Ultramarine, which the Space Marines confused for direct fire. This resulted in an all-out fire fight and brawl between the xenos and the space marine. During this wonderful chaos in the center of the board a hideous creature spawned in the center of the city. A gigantic Demon Prince of Nurgle spawned to quell the fighting through superior fire power.

The Black Templar, Space Marine, and Space Wolf were determined to defeat the Demon of Nurgle. The trio fired off rounds of melta and rocket launcher rounds into him. While the group fought tirelessly to bring him down, the Eldar in on the other side of the city had gotten into a fist fight with the Ultramarine. The Tau and Black Fist Marine continued to make their way to the landing pad and so did Edward the Space Wolf. Edward made his way to the landing pad and began climbing to the top of it. Unfortunately for him, a brood of Tyranid termagants jumped on his surprised body and ate him through his stomach. The Eldar and the Ultramarine were able to make a temporary truce and moved with the xenos squad up to the landing pad. At the same time the Space Wolf, who was engaged in melee combat with the Nurgle Demon Prince, was able to escape and run to the landing pad. The final two heroes who were stuck fighting the demon prince were able to bring the demon prince down with a melta blast to the head by the Black Templar. They defeated the festering demon, but only to take grievous damage to themselves. They were both INFECTED! The two marines stumbled to the landing pad as hordes of zombies followed them and then they saw a bright light burst from the landing pad as their old Space Wolf friend fired the flare into the air. Every zombie in the city saw and heard the explosion of the bright flare and they all rushed towards it.

The Tau, Black Fist Space Marine, Eldar, Space Wolf, and Ultramarine were the last members of the survivor standing at the top of the landing pad. All of them saw the Valkyrie appear in the horizon at the beginning of the city from where their journey originally started. The five began fighting each other and the final wave of zombies that came for them. The Space Wolf charged the Tau Fire Warrior and stabbed him with his chain sword. The Fire Warrior did not even have a chance to respond as his body was thrown off the landing pad. The Space Wolf was then pushed into a corner and got into combat with the Black Fist Space Marine, while the Eldar shot at the Ultramarine and did absolutely nothing. The horde of zombies continued to pour onto the landing pad. Amidst the chaos, the Valkyrie arrived and began to shoot missiles at the marines, the Eldar, and the zombies. After the smoke cleared, the Valkyrie had landed. All the Marines and Eldar had fallen to the ground; all badly wounded and damaged.  The zombies had been cleared from the pad. The Space Wolf got up, leaning against his chain sword, and stumbled over to the opening in the back of the Valkyrie. He fell inside and released a big breath of exhaustion. The Black Fist Marine got up from the carcasses of zombies and saw the Space Wolf stumbling into the Valkyrie. He began firing his bolter into the mouth of the Valkyrie, completely missing his intended target. The Valkyrie closed the back door and lifted off, flying away from the city of Battlegroundus.

In Loving Memory


Edward the Space Wolf

Who had the greatest and most bad ass kill streak