DKA League & Game Day/Win-A-Box

Hello Magic Players

Time for an update on the Dark Ascension Sealed League we are planning.  It starts this Thursday, Feb 16 and runs for 7 weeks.  You will get 3 Innistrad boosters and 3 Dark Ascension boosters to build a 40-card minimum deck.  This time you only have to play 4 matches before you can play someone a second time in a week.  Each week you will be able to add 1 booster to your card pool (we will alternate the sets).  So after week 1, you add a pack of Innistrad.  After week 2, you add a pack of Dark Ascension.

The entrance fee is only $25 and prizes will be given out based on the number of participants.

Dark Ascension Game Day: Saturday, February 25!
What luck!  Our Win-A-Box tournament coincides with Dark Ascension Game Day!  That means we will have promotional cards to give away as well as our regular prizes for Win-A-Box.  This will be a standard tournament with a $10 entrance fee.  It will run 4 rounds with a cut to Top-8.  Doors open at noon and the tournament starts at 1pm.