Change to Wednesday Night Boardgames

Hey Folks.
Time for a quick announcement!
Starting in March 2020, I’ll be asking everyone to put $5 on a gift card for boardgame night every Wednesday.
My apologies for the short notice (2 weeks).
Thanks for coming on Wednesdays and I hope for your continued support.

Theros Beyond Death Prerelease

The next set of Magic the Gathering is right around the corner! Prereleases take place January 17-19, 2020. We are now running 5(!) events over the weekend starting Friday at 3pm! Here’s our schedule:

Friday 3pm
Friday 9pm
Saturday Noon
Saturday 6pm
Sunday 2HG at 1pm

Prizes are distributed based on your match record and will be in Theros Beyond Death booster packs:

4-0: 8 booster packs
3-0-1: 6 packs
3-1: 4 packs
2 wins: 1 pack

Entry fee = $30.00 (includes sales tax)


A DCI number is required in order to register.

If you have played a Magic the Gathering event at Battlegrounds Gaming previously but do not know the number, you may type “on file” in the DCI# field.

If you do NOT have a DCI number, you may sign up for one (it’s free!) at

Pokemon League Cup

Jan 8, 2020 update: (SOLD OUT)

Pokemon League Cup 2020 Season 2

January 11, 2020.
Registration 11am-noon
Round 1 starts 12:15pm.


All participants will need to bring their Pokemon Organized Play (PoP) ID, a sleeved 60-card standard deck, a Pokemon coin or clear 6-sided die, and damage counters.

In addition, a deck list is required for this event – you can find the blank list on the Pokemon website. We will also have blank lists available at the event – please arrive early if you plan to fill out a deck list the day of the event.

When you present your deck at registration, please have the cards in the same order as they appear on your deck list.

This event is capped at 32 players.



1st Place in each division will receive a League Cup Champion Play mat.
In addition to championship points, play mats, and promos, we will also provide the following prize support:

Each division (combined divisions count as 1 for prizes)
1st: $90 store credit
2nd: $50 store credit
3rd: $30 store credit
4th: $30 store credit
5th-8th: $10 credit each

2019 Holiday Hours

Please note our hours during the holidays:

Dec 24 – 11am to 4pm.

Dec 25 – closed

Dec 31 – CLOSED for inventory**

Jan 1 – Noon – TBD (closing time will be announced shortly)

Have a great holiday season!

** Since we opened in 2011, after close of business on every December 31st, we would perform an inventory count of our entire store. This would take the entire staff several hours working late into the night on New Year’s Eve. This year we will close during the day to do this task, so Jon, Nick, Matt, and I can enjoy festivities to welcome in the New Year. Thanks so much for your support and here’s to a wonderful 2020!

December 20 D20 Sale

It’s our annual D20 sale! Every year on December 20 come in a roll a D20 to see what your discount will be. Minimum discount is 10%

All day Friday, December 20.

Events and Lego are not eligible.

About Battlegrounds

January 13, 2016 is the start of a new era for Battlegrounds Gaming! Our new location at 362 Main Avenue, Norwalk CT will open with more space and more parking!  This larger space will allow us to run more events concurrently.  Keep an eye on our event calendar for more information.  Also follow us on Twitter and our Facebook page.

July 8th, 2011 marked a new day for gaming in Fairfield County as Battlegrounds Gaming opened it’s doors for the first time. We are looking to provide a place for fans of all genres of games to get together to share their favorite hobby. We have tables available for trading card games, board games, Warhammer & 40k, and role-playing games. For the Magic the Gathering player, we will have weekly tournaments for standard and booster drafts!
Come to Norwalk, Connecticut and check us out! Easy to get to from I-95 or the Merritt Parkway (Route 15).
Feel free to email us with questions, comments, suggestions, criticisms or praise. Look for us on Facebook by clicking the logo to the right.

Store Hours

Monday 12 – 7
Tuesday 12 – 7
Wednesday 12 – 7
Thursday 12 – 7
Friday 12 – 7
Saturday 11 – 6
Sunday 11 – 6


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