Events Suspended

Due to the outbreak of COVID19 virus, we are suspending events for the time being.  I want to make sure my customers and staff avoid the possibility of getting sick.  Myself as well, as I would not want to pass it on to my elderly mother.

This was a tough decision and I feel it is the right one.

We will still be open for business but with shortened hours during the week:
Mon-Fri 11am – 7pm
Sat and Sun 11am – 6pm as usual.

Thanks for your support.  Stay tuned for updates.

Here are our scheduled events over the next few days and their status:

  • March 12 – Dungeons and Dragons – cancelled
  • March 13 – Mystery Booster Draft FNM – postponed
  • March 14 – Pokemon Challenge – postponed
  • March 14 – Magic Standard and Pioneer – cancelled
  • March 15 – Warhammer 40K – cancelled
  • March 15 – Magic Modern – cancelled