Mystic Vale Spirits of the Vale Event


September 10, 2017 at 2:00pm

Can you bring your driudic magic to bear against the curse of an evil king, and save the Valley of Life?

Spirits of the Vale is an event kit for Mystic Vale, the Card Crafting board game. Each player who participates in this event will receive a Lorebook, inside of which they can track progress on the various achievements the Spirits have called you to complete. Completing these achievements earns the player the gratitude of the Spirits, as well as a set of spirit tokens to use with their own copies of Mystic Vale! Players who are able to complete the toughest challenges will receive the gifts of Gaia herself, in the form of special promo cards!

Entry for this event is $10 or Free if you purchase the game.
If you buy the game after the event – you’ll get a $10 credit towards the game.