SW Destiny Spirit of Rebellion Preview


The Force was with us!  Battlegrounds Gaming is one of the lucky locations to receive a Spirit of Rebellion Preview Kit!

Our event will run April 1, 2017 from noon – 5pm.  $10 to participate.
Let’s do it again!  April 8, 2017 from noon – 5pm.  $10 to participate.

Check out some of the new cards and dice in Spirit of the Rebellion! Participants will receive three packs of the new set to add to their own deck (or add to a Rey or Kylo Ren Starter which we will have on sale).  Play casual games against anyone and everyone else who attends! All participants will get copies of the new promo cards, while supplies last.

Players will receive 3 booster packs of Spirit of Rebellion to add to their Star Wars Destiny deck, and play casually with other players.