Flames of War Mega Battle

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Flames of War Mega Battle will take place July 10, 2016.  Planning a 11:30 am start.  Doors open at 11.

– The game needs a minimum of 2 hours, but it could go longer depending on the number of participants

– The table size is 4’x6′ for 6 players, adding 2′ for each additional player.

– Each player needs at least one 900-points army list, this has to be an Armour Company from any Late War book, we’ll bring at least 4 more list for anybody that doesn’t have miniatures and would like to participate.

– The game would be based on the Tank Aces final mission (Out of the Fog), we’ll bring part of our club’s and personal terrain collection to setup the tables.

– This game is primarily a social and introduction game, not exactly competitive but should be fun for all and a good way to get new people excited with Flames of War.