Assassinorum: Execution Force

51s3Ntg3oNL._SX450_Assassinarum: Execution Force is a new board game from the folks at Games Workshop, creators of Space Hulk, Warhammer, and Warhammer 40K.  It is a fast-paced co-operative game for one to four players.  The game contains 4 detailed Assassin figures which represent each player and many other Chaos miniatures (Chaos Space Marines, Cultists, Sorcerer, etc.)  All of the models can be employeed in games of Warhammer 40k (check out White Dwarf #65 for the rules of these models).

In typical Games Workshop fashion, these are available in limited quantities.  I’ll be getting some Friday, May 1st.  Please let me know if you are interested.  srp = $125