40K Tanksgiving Race

We’re going to run a Happy Tanksgiving event on November 23.  It’s a race around the board for 3 laps. You can use any vehicle as your ‘tank.’  The rules are below.

Each race should run about 30-minutes so we’ll hold several throughout the day.  3-6 players at a time.  $5 to participate per race – or buy a vehicle from us and get free entry into all the races).  First place of each race wins store credit equal to the entrance fees collected that race.

There will be 4 races:  1pm, 2:30pm, 4pm, 5:30pm.


Each participant sets their tank (or flyer, or chariot, etc.) up on the starting line.

Each player rolls a D6. Each turn the player with the highest roll goes first and the turn moves clockwise from then on.  Roll off again after all players have completed their turn.

Movement: Vehicles move 6 in the movement phase + an extra inch for each hull point they have remaining.  All vehicles (regardless of type) start the game with 6 hull points (explain to the customer this is a way to keep track of how damaged a tank is).   When a tank reaches 0 hull points it may only move a maximum of 6 inches a turn.

Shooting: Determine line of sight from the front of each vehicle.  During the shooting phase the vehicle may fire 2 shots.  Roll 2 D6.  The shots hit an enemy vehicle on a die rule of a 4, 5, or 6.  For every shot that hits a vehicle, roll a D6.  On a die roll of 5 or 6, that vehicle loses a hull point.

Ramming – If a model ends its movement phase in contact with another model roll a D6.  On a roll of 5 or 6 the model has successfully rammed the enemy tank and it loses 1 hull point.

The game ends when one player has completed 3 laps.