Netrunner Tournament – December 14

Update 4:45pm, 12/14/2013
Tonight’s Netrunner tourament is cancelled due to the weather.  It’s going to be getting worse as the night goes on.  Please drive slowly and safely tonight if you are going out.

Update 4pm, 12/14/2013
We’re still holding our tournament.  We’ll start at 6:30pm to give people time to get here.  Please drive safely!

Our 2nd Netrunner tournament will be December 14 at 6pm (after our Magic Tournament).  We have a Season3 Game Night kit which contains prize-support.  Entrance fee is $10 and includes 1 free drink (not Monster energy drink). With a restaurant next door, the parking lot gets pretty busy on Saturday nights. Please check with the Krav Maga place to see if they will let you park there. There may also be a few parking spot behind the mall.  Our door is the one with the light on next to it.