July 1 – Pandemic: On the Brink

The new edition of Pandemic: On the Brink arrives this week.  Spice Pandemic up with new roles and events. Add a fifth player, try Legendary difficulty, or add an optional challenge: What if one disease is particularly nasty? Or, if a fifth disease is wreaking havoc? Or, even worse, if that fifth disease is being spread by a hidden Bio-Terrorist? Can your team work together to cure diseases in a world on the brink of disaster?

Come by on Monday, July 1 at 7:30pm and play Pandemic — a fun, challenging co-operative game.

Here is our schedule for the coming weeks:

  • July 1 – Pandemic
  • July 8 – Ascension
  • July 15 – Smirk & Dagger Games
  • July 22 – Arkham Horror
  • July 29 – FLUXX BOARD GAME

We will still have our regular Wednesday Open Gaming nights! See you over the summer!