September Changes!

Hello Gamers! This summer was a successful one for Battlegrounds Gaming!  I need to change our schedule a little in order to manage attendance.  First and foremost is we will continue to be open on Mondays (after Labor Day).  Our Monday night events will rotate among several games: Ascension Deck Building Game, Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures, Magic Modern Tournaments, and HeroClix!  Each one will get its own dedicated Monday nice each month. Our weekly Dungeons and Dragons Encounters group will be moving from Tuesday to Thursday nights at 7:00 pm. The other days will run as usual.  Here is how our weekly schedule will look: Monday - Rotating games, see above Tuesday - Magic Booster Draft at 7:30pm Wednesday - Board Game Night 5pm-11pm Thursday - D&D Encounters Friday - Friday Night Magic with the most recent set - 7pm Saturday - Magic Standard Tournament at 1pm (with Win-A-Box on the 3rd Saturday) Sunday - Warhammer 40K