Dreamborn Musings: Enchanting Gatecrash Limited

New Era Auras

For a long, long time, suiting up creatures with an enchantment was considered to be a poor strategic choice, at least from a Limited perspective. Sure, you may have just given your dragon or goblin or elf or brushwagg some sweet new stats, but you had also just stapled a giant, flashing bullseye to the poor creature’s forehead. Any removal spell that could kill your monster would also now net a free card, and your opponent would be up in resources at least, while most likely gaining tempo and board control as well. Very few auras were worth this risk, and even those that that bestowed exceptionally powerful boosts were often left in sideboards.

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Dreamborn Musings: Limited Predictions

Limited is, for me, the best way to play Magic.  Constructed tweaking and meta-game prediction are aspects of Magic strategy that I typically find linear and boring, and I’ve never been able to wrap my mind around the appeal of Commander. Unfortunately, I actively disliked Avacyn Restored Limited, to the point that I refused to play it, and consequently haven’t touched a real Draft or Sealed game in quite some time.  M13 could prove to be better or worse than AVR, but I currently don’t care which way it goes. I have a new set to think about, new synergies, mana curves, pick orders and trick strategies to pore over, and it is exciting to be invested in actual Magic gameplay once again. Continue reading

October dressed up as December for Halloween: a PTQ Report

This article hinges upon the blatant misuse and overuse of parentheticals.

The New York PTQ at St. Anthony’s of Padua in NYC was slated for Oct.29, and Battlegrounds Gaming had a large contingent of players planning to show up (at least initially). Due to the other members of said contingent having jobs and engaging personal lives, the actual group boiled down to me, William Roberts, and Geoff Bassore braving the trains and taxis of NYC in a meager trio. (quick aside- Geoff has a job and an engaging personal life, and was just there to try out a PTQ). Continue reading

Gathering to Play, Part 1: Your Local Store and Your Playgroup

Over the past decade, Wizards of the Coast has spent an enormous amount of energy in creating, maintaining, and invigorating the FNM program, and it isn’t hard to see just how much of an impact their devotion has made.  The FNM initiative has turned local stores all over the world into hubs of activity every Friday night, creating something uncommon in the increasingly fleeting, transient digital world- a focus on community and the importance of local business. Every time you play in an FNM, you are doing much, much more than simply competing for prizes or playing for fun. You are supporting the card store that you play at with monetary sustenance. You are developing relationships with the group of people that you play with, and you are introducing a social dynamic into that playgroup that would not exist without you.  Why is it important to consider these qualities as a Magic : the Gathering player?

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