Update: working on website to add curb-side delivery.

Battlegrounds Gaming has been closed since March 23, 2020. I’m currently working on adding my inventory to a web-site so customers can place orders and pick up items.

The basic website level offered my point-of-sale system allows only 250 items. I’ve requested a quote for the next level which allows for 5,000 items.
Some notes for what I’m doing to get products listed:

1. Pictures will be missing until I can get them added. Obviously, customers need to know what products look like before purchasing. Items such as play mats, miniatures, card sleeves, deck boxes, paint colors, etc. It’s going to be a while before I can add that to thousands of items.
2. Single cards for Magic the Gathering can still be ordered at http://battlegroundsct.ionsuite.com. Still no payment/shipping on that platform. I’m working on how payment will work with curb-side pickup.
3. Product description and details will be missing. Same issue as pictures. Size, shape, weight are all dimensions needed for shipping. I won’t be doing that for thousands of items, so for the most part shipping won’t be offered. I will do it on specific orders by request only.
4, Curb-side pick up will be offered on specific days AND by appointment. I’m still working on a schedule.

This isn’t the type of business I wanted to run when I opened the store. I prefer meeting all you great people face to face and the social interaction.

Thank you so much for your support and your continued efforts to support Battlegrounds Gaming during this crisis. Thank you also for your patience while I get this new service working.

The website is https://battlegrounds-gaming.shoplightspeed.com/. You’ll see only a few items. I’m testing to see how products appear there.