Chronosphere Demo

LEARN TO PLAY – September 7


“Bluff your way through history in this easy-to-learn quick-playing pub-style card game!”

Isaac Shalev (Ravenous River) has released his new game Chronosphere, a bluffing and historical trivia card game. Players play their cards into a shared circular timeline called the ChronoSphere. Players try to arrange the events and inventions shown on their cards in chronological order, using one half of the ChronoSphere for cards from the time period AD and the other for the time period BC. The first player to successfully play all of their cards is the winner. Players can challenge the plays of their opponents and force them to draw cards for invalid plays. A player can also win by completing a fully valid twelve-card ChronoSphere.

Come play Chronosphere with the game’s creator!  Copies of the game will be on sale at 10% off during the demo.