Magic Sealed League & Anniversary Tournament

Magic2014 Sealed League, July 25
Each participant gets 6 boosters of M14.  Each week after the first, players may purchase 1 booster pack and add it to the pool. Your first 4 matches each week count towards your record with additional match wins adding to your tie-breaker total. Runs for 5 weeks. Can‘t get all matches in a week? You can make them up the following week.
First place will win a box of From the Vault: 20!  Remaining prizes will be determined on number of participants.

BG’s Anniversary Tournament, July 27
We are celebrating our 2nd Anniversary with our Second Annual mini-Worlds type tournament!
It will start with 3 rounds of Magic 2014 sealed.
The next 3 rounds will be Standard.
The top 8 will draft Magic 2014 to determine the winner.
Entrance fee is $30.  Starts at noon!
First place will win a box of Modern Masters!   Other prizes will be determined.