Warhammer 40K Starter

The 40k 6th edition starter set (called Dark Vengeance) is Dark Angels vs Chaos Space Marines. There are 2 versions: Collector’s version with a limited edition plastic Dark Angels Interrogator-Chaplain and a regular one.
The collector’s ed comes out 9/1 and srp is $107 (I’ll have a bunch.)
Regular edition comes out 9/8 and srp is $99.

Feel free to email me which version you would like.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR PRE-ORDERS, each set will be $10 off for the first week it is out.
So collector’s edition will be $97 from 9/1/2012 to 9/7/2012
The regular edition will be $89 from 9/8/2012 to 9/15/2012
No deposit necessary.  Just call or email by August 31st, 2012.
Reserved copies must be picked up by the offer expiration date:  9/7 for the collector’s ed and 9/15 for the regular one.