Magic Standard Premium Tournament – March 2

Hello Magic Players! We're finally doing it! Battlegrounds Gaming is hosting a premium Magic standard tournament with significant prizes. Since the Preliminary Pro-Tour Qualifier system ended, there has been fewer big-ticket events in the area. We hope to add to the offerings Saturday, March 2nd, 2019. If things go well, we'll make this a regular monthly event.  Perhaps even alternate Modern and Standard. Great prizes are up for grabs and when attendance hits 33 players the prize pool increases to $1,000 (please see below) If you need some singles for your deck, place your orders on our website. Order pick up and payments are done in store only. Registration can be done in store or online (click the button below) . Please don't forget to provide your DCI number when you checkout. Thanks for your support March 2, 2019 Format: Standard (swiss rounds with a top 8 playoff) Entry: $30 (no store credit for entry) Time: Doors open at 10am, tournament begins at 11am GUARANTEED PRIZES: Up to 32 players: 1st: $200 store credit 2nd: $100 store credit 3rd: $50 store credit 4th: $50 store credit 5-8: $30 store credit At 33+ entrants, prizes increase to: 1st: $360 store credit 2nd: $200 store credit 3/4: $100 store credit 5-8: $60 store credit This event is capped at 44 players. Deck lists are required. Registration is open.