Magic Standard Premium Tournament – March 2

Hello Magic Players! We're finally doing it! Battlegrounds Gaming is hosting a premium Magic standard tournament with significant prizes. Since the Preliminary Pro-Tour Qualifier system ended, there has been fewer big-ticket events in the area. We hope to add to the offerings Saturday, March 2nd, 2019. If things go well, we'll make this a regular monthly event.  Perhaps even alternate Modern and Standard. Continue reading

KeyForge Solo Play Tournament Feb 23

When:  February 23 at noon. Entry is $6 (bring your own deck) or $12 (use a random sealed deck which you keep) In a Solo tournament, each player uses the same single deck (that they either brought themselves or received at the event, depending on the format) for the entirety of the tournament. 4 Rounds (1 game) Time limit: 50 minutes per round Prizes 4-0: $20 store credit. 3-1: $10 store credit Other promotional cards will be given out as door prizes.